We wish to establish an international School of Ethology, (animal behaviour) where generations
of students can study animals in this unique environment and thus protect species for future generations. The school will attract local and international professors and a great number of students, as it will be the only one of its kind.

The exchange of valuable information, both technologically and zoologically, will create joint publications with other internationally recognized entities. This will place Sabah on the world map, in the field of the protection of endangered animal species.

Veterinarians will have hands-on training with wildlife. Ph.D., M.Sc, B.Sc and candidates will obtain valuable practical experience.

Working under experts, will allow students to gain expertise that will allow them to work in zoos and safari parks worldwide. We will have exchange programmes with local students wishing to study abroad.

Indonesia will benefit from an increase in academic levels through exposure to international scientists, scientific journals, publications, documentary films and videos. This can benefit not only Kalimantan but also the whole of Indonesia.


  1. To set up a School of Ethology (Animal Behaviour) where conservation and rehabilitation of fauna go hand in hand with education of international students (i.e, and post graduate veterinarians and students in related disciplines;
  2. Reintroduction of fauna after rehabilitation in our sanctuary;
  3. Preservation and rehabilitation of endemic fauna, confiscated animals and illegal export.


  • Maximum intake for the 1st year: 20 students
  • Student composition for the first intake: 15 international students & 5 local students.

Local Help

We will encourage local villagers to:
Grow vegetables in their area that the centre will buy.
Develop an area favourable to medicinal plants and herbs for food and remedies.