by Dr. Francine Neago

francineI am a French medical doctor. I am also one of the thousands of scientists involved with animals and wildlife. But how many of us are actually taking care of the animals and ensuring that they will thrive in the future? The animals are at their twenty-third hour and rapidly going into extinction. Two hundred of each species are needed to assure their survival. We know that the large animals will be the first to go. What would the world be without the elephants, orangutans and tigers?

I have spent the past forty years of my life studying and caring for the animals-especially the Orangutans. Anyone who has lived closely with them can only admire and love them. I have dedicated my life to their protection.

I intend to spearhead an institute of learning where we can help international students appreciate these animals better in order to facilitate their continual survival. By taking care of them, they will discover who these animals truly are. Only then can they understand how the animals are to be prepared for independence and released into their respective natural habitats. Many young students are willing to sacrifice their urban comfort and live in the jungle-just to make this world a better place.

It is my fervent wish to see that the efforts and commitment of these dedicated scientists are met by the generosity of financially able individuals and corporations. Without financial support, all their good intentions will be in vain. With my years of experience behind me, I can now clearly see that unless we quickly become aware of the impending disaster of mass extinction of wildlife, it is inevitable that humanity will follow suit. So, let us all immediately wake up to the reality that we are not just helping wildlife but are essentially securing our very own survival as well as that of our future generations. In short, if the animals and the jungles go…we will soon go too.

My dear friend, I believe from the bottom of my Heart that the Noah and his Ark Project holds the promise for all of us (man and animals). Time is running out and the consequences will soon become irreversible. Please step forward to contribute positively towards this mission. Together, much can be accomplished while indifference will be our greatest mistake. Only our self-responsibility can save the world. I thank you dearly for your participation.

With all my love,
Dr. Francine Neago
Founder of Sabah Wildlife Sanctuary


Curriculum Vitae

French, British green card for USA. Born and educated in Paris up to the B.Sc.

Medical doctor from University College London England.

French, English, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian.

Train local tourist guides and park rangers to upgrade their skills, 
Using UMS facilities: PLUMS in Sepilok.

1999 to present
Set up a wild animal rehabilitation centre in Riau Province Sumatra.

Volunteer at Zoo Negara, Malaysia under Dr. Vellayan.
Supervision of staff, sick bay, nursing baby orang utan.

Volunteer for Zoo Surabaja, Java Indonesia.
Fundrasing for Zoo, Incubating/feeding Komodos,
 supervised staff zoo staff and animal welfare.

Invited by Ibu Tien Suharto to build Preservation parks.

1993 to 1997
Costa Rica, Central America.
Rehabilitation of local wildlife
. Remodelling of zoo.

1980 to 1992
Research at UCLA (university of California, Los Angeles.)
Twelve years study program teaching a one year old Orang utan to learn phonetic spelling, to talk and spell on a computer.

1979 to 1980
Singapore Zoo: 
Helped to design and build Singapore Zoo
. Wrote first brochure for education. 
Took care of animal welfare
Stayed inside a cage with 18 orang utans, 10 hours a day for 6 months to study their communication/behaviour in group.

1965 to 1979
Surabaya Indonesia:
 3 orang utans kept at home to study their behaviour and language.
Volunteered at the local zoo.
Changed a school Al Irzad into a hospital during the revolution for 
10 years.
Fund raised for the University Airllanga; Contracts with a fertiliser factory; Brought buses from the US for public transport; Brought the Ramayana ballet to Surabaja from Jockjakarta to perform.

Florida, USA. Rehabilitation of chimpanzees from Bio. Medical research to the Lion Country Safari.

1959 to 1965
Medical studies at the University College, London, England.
Written up in the Encyclopedia Brittanica for my research on language in anthopoids.
I have lectured on Orang utans in the USA, Canada, Europe for several years.
Written two books on Orang utans and Indonesia and three children’s books.
Made two films 16mm for television on Sumatran orang utans and deforestation.